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Choose Website Package

We offer two pre-defined web packages;
1. Standard Website Package
2. Mini Website Package.
Both of these will provide you with a fully operational website which can be personalised as part of the package or expanded at a later date.

The Standard Website Package provides 4 pages (screens) of information. These can take any form but we have suggested a MAIN (or HOME) page, a PRICE page, a SPECIALS page and a HOW TO FIND US page.

The Mini Website Package provides 2 pages of information, MAIN (HOME) and one other of your choice.

As with all aspects of your website the page names can be changed to reflect the information you wish to make available to your customers.

Suggested format:

MAIN (HOME) - this will be the first page any customer will see, so it should clearly define your business and encourage visitors to stay and look for more information.

PRICE - this is probably one of the main reasons a customer is visiting your site. They want to know about your services and how much they cost. This page can  have as much detail as you like, but if it is too long your customer may get bored and go elsewhere. You can always add an email address or telephone number for them contact you directly for any further information.

SPECIALS - here we suggest you mention any special offers, any new products, events or services. These can be changed up to twice a month, as part of the package, or more often if you wish (at an extra charge). You could also add testimonials from satisfied customers.

HOW TO FIND US - this is another main reason for your customer to visit your site. We can add a Google map to allow people to pin-point your location. We would also advise you to add your postal address, a contact phone number, an email address and your opening hours.

These are only starting suggestions. You may change the names to anything which better suits the information you wish to display, within the package price. More pages can be added to these websites, up to a total of 9, for an additional charge.

If you require more that is available from these packages we offer a fully customised web design service. Please contact us for details.