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You have selected the design from the available options and the number of pages you require. It is now time to personalise your website.

Whichever design you have chosen you can change how it looks.

We will deal with each section in turn.

Header: This is the section which shows your company name on a background picture or colour. This can be personalised with a picture of yourself, your premises or of one of your main products. The font of your company name can be changed to fit with your corporate identity.

Background: This is the part behind or to the side of the main information. It can be a plain or textured colour. A picture can also be used as the background. If you have one you wish to use, we can incorporate it in the website if it is suitable.

Menu: These are the items you click on to see the extra pages. The colour of these can be changed to suit your background.

Text: This refers to any of the words that are on your site. Once your site has been finished and is running on the internet, you may change the text up to twice per month. (Up to 25% of the original content. Larger changes may incur a charge). This may be because you wish to make a simple change to how things have been written or you may wish to change your prices. You may have monthly offers that you want to bring to your customers attention. By making these sorts of changes your website can be kept up-to-date and provides another good reason for your customers to keep visiting your site, and your business.

Pictures: You can add pictures to any or all pages. If you have pictures of products or the inside of your premises, or of your staff etc then we can incorporate these into your site. They need to be provided to us in electronic form or as an original picture. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the rights to publishing any pictures you send us.

If you have nothing suitable we can provide library pictures for use on your site. Many of these are free but many more must be purchased before they can be used. Costs vary from £3 to £30; we would show you how they would look, in situ, before any further charge was made to you.

Any of the above can be added at a later date if you prefer to get a website up and running before making changes.