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Select a Domain Name.

The "Domain Name" is the internet term for the address of your website and how it is identified from all the other websites which exist throughout the world. It has the format, and  is what your customers will type into an internet browser sush as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Choose a suitable name to replace "domainname", the rest is added as standard.

Your "domainname" should be something simple and have some relation to your business. It is better to avoid hyphens (-) or underscores (_) as this can make it difficult for your customers to remember.

Once you have decided on a name we will register it and this then becomes your unique and exclusive, address on the internet. 

When your website is finished,it will be electronically attached to this domain name. This means that whenever anybody types the domain name into an internet browser, your website will appear. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc will also use this domain name to find your business for potential customers.